• Engage employees & customers with fresh content
  • Showcase your employee achievements
  • Track customer & competitor marketing activities
  • Connect staff & regions with company news & info

Amazing Fresh Content 

We've integrated with dozens of data and content partners to bring you the latest info about your customers, campaigns and competitors. We process tremendous amounts of data 24/7 to surface fresh and relevant company-centric news. 

Where can I use DIVE?

From high-impact TVs and newsrooms within your office environments to tablets & personal devices, DIVE is available on all digital devices.

DIVE Live delivers real-time content to TVs & touch-screens in your offices.

Team DIVE enables your employees to discover and share news on phones, tablets & PCs.

What does DIVE look like?

DIVE is an in-office broadcast experience for all businesses & organizations.  We bring your employees the latest news about your company, customers & competitors.  We also provide diverse publishing tools that allow your employees to publish all the news and content they want across your offices and onto your team's digital devices. 

DIVE makes it easy for your employees to consume & share real-time information.