DIVE creates real-time broadcasts for indoor & outdoor screens and billboards. DIVE powers the next generation of companies by engaging customers and employees with always on, customized & real-time content.


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DIVE Testimonials

We’re really excited to be partnering with DIVE Networks because for Twitter, this is a Twitter first. Twitter Canada is showing innovation by being in market with their agencies and client partners and it’s something that we are taking globally to Twitter to help scale out internationally. We have a wonderful relationship with DIVE and it’s a perfect relationship because Twitter is what’s happening. Whether it’s sports, news, entertainment…it’s what’s happening in the world now and DIVE allows us that opportunity to be in real time and share with the world what’s happening.
— Leanne Gibson, Head of Revenue - Twitter Canada

DIVE keeps me from swimming in a sea of PowerPoint slides or stepping into a swamp of one-off design work. Their friendly and responsive team is either ready with a templated solution, or willing to hit the drawing board and try something completely new! DIVE in—the water’s fine!
— Cassie MacKenzie, Manager, Digital Communications - Scotiabank

Why Us

Top fortune 500 brands choose DIVE

DIVE builds broadcasts for all screens from TVs to Billboards powered by data driven content tailored to your office or event.

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Why Brands love DIVE

- Engage employees and customers with fresh content
- Easy to use and low effort to operate
- Connect staff and regions with company news and info
- Stay ahead of the competition by tracking competitor activities

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How it Works

DIVE aggregates data from everywhere & anywhere to create your customized News Network.

Automated sources include RSS feeds, Twitter trends, Google trends, social media networks, etc. - these are data sources that do not require any design, moderation or curation time from you or your team.

Custom sources include posts that you create and publish through the DIVE Content Management System (CMS), your intranet, trivia segments, polling, etc. - these are data sources that you and your team would author or sync with DIVE to pull in content via the CMS or an API.

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