DIVE Testimonials

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One of my first onboarding initiatives at Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd. was to ensure employees are informed with relevant news at the right time, using the right tool. I became aquatinted with DIVE at my previous employer where we implemented digital screens as a tool for sharing communications, so my first choice was obvious – DIVE has superior content, capabilities and customer service. It was a seamless process for our Rexall teams to work and collaborate with DIVE and that’s why they were selected as our preferred vendor. I am thoroughly impressed and will continue to recommend DIVE for their high level of service, expertise and the innovation they bring to any workplace. It’s incredible how fast they were able to onboard us as a new client, and successfully launch our Rexall News Network. I’m thrilled I was able to bring a state-of-the-art communication tool to another employer and I plan to continue to recommend DIVE for future communication needs.
— Natalie Gokchenian, Director, Communications & Corporate Relations - Rexall Pharmacy Group Ltd.
We’re so happy to have launched DIVE Screens at our offices across Nestlé Canada! Not only are they engaging communications tools that allow us to streamline our content for employees, they also provide an opportunity to share in-the-moment information in a highly visual way. Janey and the team have been incredibly helpful in providing us with insights on how to continuously improve and engage our employees. We have only received amazing feedback from employees since launching the digital screens at our offices.
— Maria Serraino, Manager, Internal Communications & Charitable Partnerships - Nestlé
DIVE keeps me from swimming in a sea of PowerPoint slides or stepping into a swamp of one-off design work. Their friendly and responsive team is either ready with a templated solution, or willing to hit the drawing board and try something completely new! DIVE in—the water’s fine!
— Cassie MacKenzie, Manager, Digital Communications - Scotiabank
We’re really excited to be partnering with DIVE Networks because for Twitter, this is a Twitter first. Twitter Canada is showing innovation by being in market with their agencies and client partners and it’s something that we are taking globally to Twitter to help scale out internationally. We have a wonderful relationship with DIVE and it’s a perfect relationship because Twitter is what’s happening. Whether it’s sports, news, entertainment…it’s what’s happening in the world now and DIVE allows us that opportunity to be in real time and share with the world what’s happening.
— Leanne Gibson, Head of Revenue - Twitter Canada
DIVE really connects us all to what’s happening in the world and what’s happening
within our agency - It’s a great asset to have in our agency and we’re just super
excited to continue that partnership.
— Shelley Smit, President - UM Canada
Implementing DIVE throughout our global offices is an extremely valuable asset in keeping our employees and partners updated on both company and industry news. We’re extremely pleased with the content DIVE provides and look forward to continuing our partnership.
— Andrew Casale, President-CEO, Index Exchange
DIVE helps our staff - across multiple offices keep track of company information and news as it happens. With so many channels that our products, customers and brands are active in - it’s an easy way to keep all employees up to date in the digital age of information.
— David Bradfield, Vice President, Communications, Economical Insurance