DIVE featured as key trend

Streamlined News Networks

DIVE Simplifies Relevant Information for Companies So They Don't Have to

By: Riley von Niessen - Oct 13, 2016


DIVE, a company that's based in both Toronto and Chicago, works with organizations and businesses to create real-time news networks.

Founded by Deborah Hall, a creative with broad experience in technology, including social media and mobile marketing, came up with DIVE as a means to ensure that her client's data would be more enlightening and captivating to those it employs.

In short, DIVE generates a report that streamlines relevant news regarding competing brands, organizations and more so that its clients can more efficiently find ways to standout amongst them.

In order to do this, DIVE takes the information it's garnered from working with a global range of Fortune 500 brands, which are constantly updating to keep their name at the top of the pyramid.

Taking this, DIVE has made itself into the first "data-driven Media Ecosystem," helping its clients to engage audiences by utilizing insightful information that's processed in a contextualized and simplified fashion, leading to entertaining content that's proven to produce positive results.