Health Canada

Twitter Billboard launched in Canada for a noble cause. Health Canada partnered with Twitter Billboard to encourage Canadians to get their COVID-19 vaccine and share their reasons using #MyWhy / #MesRaisons. This three-day Twitter Billboard campaign captured heartfelt and hopeful on-platform conversation attached to Canadian’s reasons to get vaccinated. DIVE provided on-platform community management, translation and bilingual services, and premium inventory in Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal – including unique Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. Canadians nationwide, celebrities, and influencers loved seeing their Tweets on big billboards in their own communities. DIVE is proud to have helped promote the safety and wellbeing of Canadian communities through this special Twitter Billboard campaign.


NBA’s 2021 Playoffs and Finals brought an opportunity for a multi-faceted Twitter Billboard campaign leading up to both the Playoffs and the Finals. Twitter Billboard captured the on-platform conversation and the fans’ love of the game with #ThatsGame. Twitter Billboard provided premium inventory in NYC, LA, Denver, and Philadelphia. The billboards included champions Times Square, LA’s the Reef, Philadelphia’s Market Street, and stadiums in Denver. Basketball fans love Twitter, and Twitter Billboard brought a love of sharing the fan passion on billboards across their home city.

Mountain Dew RISE

Partnering with Mountain Dew’s first-ever energy drink, Mountain Dew RISE, and the King of basketball, LeBron James, Twitter Billboard took over LA and Times Square. This playful campaign featured video content, Tweets from LeBron James, and inspirational messages on how to get the most out of your mornings with Mountain Dew RISE. Like a morning caffeine kick-start, Twitter Billboard energizes marketing campaigns.

Rémy Martin | #TeamUpForExcellence

Excellence is in coming together – and this campaign combined many elements of expert craftsmanship. Twitter Billboard placed Remy Martin’s partnership with Usher, as well as the sublime unity of music, dance, culture, art, fashion, and cognac on massive digital screens. With #TeamUpForExcellence, people celebrated their love for art and cognac. Twitter Billboard brought forth this vibrant campaign that included influencer content, stunning video, and joie de vivre. 

Cadillac | #LYRIQ

 Innovative products require innovative marketing strategies. GM Cadillac’s LYRIQ breaks convention as the latest and greatest in electric vehicles. #LYRIC lit up the night with Twitter Billboard all the way across America : New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Francisco & LA. Cities and roads across America lit up with the glowing grille, and the user’s reaction to the highly anticipated launch. LYRIQ is more than a car. Twitter Billboard is more than your typical OOH placement.

Barstool Sportsbook

An industry first! Barstool Sportsbook is the first sports betting/gambling company to leverage Twitter Billboard. With billboards powered by DIVE Networks, Barstool Sportsbook made pedestrians laugh with gifs, videos, and Tweets – and, of course, got audiences pumped on sports action. Barstool leveraged this partnership by offering a once-in-a lifetime sign up bonus – hope you didn’t miss out! DIVE delivered a domination of Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburg – and lit up Philadelphia with Barstool branded colours. Plus, Barstool branded imagery and Tweets from real people could be seen in cities and along highways across America. That’s worth cheering about.

T-Mobile | #GiveThanksNotPranks

The great Uncarrier, T-Mobile, leveraged Twitter Billboard to pause the pranks & rebrand April Fool’s Day 2021. Seeing that classrooms were in need, T-Mobile launched a movement to rally brands to give back to teachers & classrooms.  For every Tweet that used #GiveThanksNotPranks, T-Mobile donated $5 to a classroom in need. Twitter Billboard aided this cause and lit up billboards across America with the charitable initiative. Users loved thanking teachers and sharing tender moments of gratitude on big and bright DOOH billboards. Plus – the T-Mobile famous pink branding cheered up pedestrians with an optimistic glow in city centres!

Warner Bros | #GodzillavsKingKong

Clash of the Titans! Warner Bros blockbuster showdown Godzilla vs. King Kong dominated Times Square and LA digital billboards. With Twitter Billboard – powered by DIVE Networks – Warner Bros amped up audiences on mobile and out of home screens. Users cheered on #TeamKong or #TeamGodzilla – no spoilers, please! Fans loved the fun must-see movie, and engaging with their fave monster on their #1 social media platform – and then seeing it on massive billboards all the way from LA to NYC.

SuperIntelligence | #20DaysofKindness

Kindness is king! DIVE and Twitter partnered with HBO Max and Melissa McCarthy to promote a new film – SuperIntelligence – and raise awareness of #20Daysofkindness – a campaign launched by McCarthy to celebrate acts of kindness on social media. Using the #20daysofkindness hashtag, people on Twitter shared inspirational messages and overall good vibes. We brought the on-platform conversation to life in the real-world with Twitter Billboards, sharing Tweets live on digital billboards across New York and Los Angeles.

Cadillac | #NeverStopArriving

Through Twitter Billboards, a partnership between DIVE and Twitter, Cadillac 2021 Next Generation Escalade lit up the country. Riding the Reuters and NASDAQ digital billboards as well as trendy NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, and Atlanta hotspots, DIVE revved up audience engagement with real-time interaction and innovative display via Twitter Billboard.

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