Senior Software Engineer

About DIVE

DIVE is building the world's best software-driven news network. Our product replaces mass market commercial news products like CNN on TV screens within business environments. Unlike old school TV news, DIVE is algorithmically curated, always fresh, and highly relevant (personalized) to each customer's needs. Customers publish their own news too.

Our platform is Clojure, ClojureScript, React, Python, Django, Postgres and Ubuntu on AWS. Right now we’re focused on building out our news content portfolio (data ingest and web UI), adding essential platform features, and making the whole thing scale with TV-like reliability.

Our team is small and growing. We need your help both to build DIVE and define its evolution.

We are hiring senior software engineers. We are looking for both full-time and contract developers. We're open to remote work and local at our Toronto HQ.

This role requires people who have done big things before. There are junior roles at DIVE but this is not one of them.

What we look for

  • The concept of DIVE sketched out above must be compelling to you. You have ideas about how you'd approach it, questions on how we're tackling it, maybe direct experience with similar domains. Perhaps you've worked on workplace communications products or digital signage in the past... DIVE lies at the intersection.
  • You have done big things before. There are junior roles at DIVE but this is not one of them. Do you have production experience at scale? Do you have code we can see?
  • You take pride in building great products, enjoy honing your craft, and love to learn new things.
  • You are looking to act, not direct. This is a senior role, and it requires mentoring others, but it is deep in actual hands-on production engineering. That should be exciting to you, not a disappointment, or this isn’t a good fit.
  • You prefer the vibe of a small flat team of expert peers working together to the bureaucracy and hierarchy of a bigger company.
  • You're a decent human being. We truly believe life is too short for working with assholes, no matter how talented they may be.

What we offer

We use a great software stack that allows us to move fast and build and deploy continuously. We work across the entire technology stack from data ingest to cutting-edge browser-based user experiences and custom hardware on the front end. UX spans large-screen TVs, desktop/laptop computers, and mobile devices. Everyone is hands on every day building, deploying, and operating the service. The product is live in many customer environments now and deploying fast to more.

We're building all this to scale. We envision a day when DIVE will run on millions of devices, bringing news to every innovative business, and more. We have a long way to go. Your contributions at this early stage will be fundamental.

If you’re interested, drop us a line at and let us know why we should talk. We believe that diverse teams build better companies and better products, and we’d like to make it clear that applications from qualified candidates from all backgrounds, including those under-represented in the tech world, are very, very welcome.