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Audiences crave real-time interaction through social media. DIVE’s larger than life streams and real-time curated global feeds bring your campaign to the forefront of what’s trending online.

With DIVE’s platforms, the decadent glitter and glam of the Oscars travels from LA to Times Square in NYC. The bright lights of celeb stardom meets the city that never sleeps thanks to our live feeds and live streams.

The #TIFF red carpet comes to everyone’s screens with Twitter House, DIVE, and #sheinspiresme. It’s live, and it’s larger than life with interactive feeds and the virtual applause of fans.

Experience art, experience artists, live the music – DIVE rocked Dundas Square with #Hxouse and @TheWeeknd with a livestream concert and live billboard fan feed. DIVE offers data-driven, real-time, cultural experiences.

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