Interview with William Harford from Nestlé

Maria Serraino –  Manager, Internal Communications & Charitable Partnerships, Nestlé

We’re so happy to have launched DIVE Screens at our offices across Nestlé Canada! Not only are they engaging communications tools that allow us to streamline our content for employees, they also provide an opportunity to share in-the-moment information in a highly visual way. We have only received amazing feedback from employees since launching the digital screens at our offices.

The Challenge:  Nestlé’s Corporate Communications team’s vision is to integrate digital communications on in-office screens to elevate employee engagement and communication.  

The Solution:  DIVE’s goal was to ensure Nestle teams in both the factory & the corporate offices have cohesive messages, delivered in real-time. 

Over the past 6 years, DIVE has expanded into national Nestlé factory locations, starting with the Sterling, Brampton and London factories with plans to expand to other Canadian factory locations.

The type of content served by DIVE is the company-wide achievements and initiatives in addition to wellness & safety content.



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